See if your child is eligible

Could your child join the CHARGE clinical trial?

Every clinical trial has a list of criteria (known as eligibilty requirements) that participants must meet in order to take part. What follows is a short questionnaire to make sure that your child meets some of this trial’s key criteria. Other criteria apply, but if we think your child may be suitable based on the information you give and you agree to take part, we’ll assess the remaining requirements during a screening visit.

Take the pre-screener

This pre-screener will take about five to ten minutes to complete and will require you to enter personal and sensitive health related answers on behalf of your child. The answers provided will not be used for any purpose other than determining if your child may be eligible for the study and will only be shared with the study site of your choice if you chose to do so at the end. We do not share any details of this pre-screener with any Health Insurance providers. It’s also important to note that completing the questionnaire and sharing your contact details puts you under no obligation to enroll your child.

If you would prefer to revisit this pre-screener at a later time, you can send yourself a handy email reminder here.

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